Qualifi Level 7 Int'l Diploma in PSM- UAE

Qualifi Level 7 Int’l Dip in Process Safety Management is the most prestigious and topmost qualification in process safety. And this is the first and the only level 7 qualification in process safety management, which is regulated by OfQual. This international diploma course is designed for those who are responsible for creating and implementing process safety management daily in their workplace of process industries. The learners will be required to analyse a wide range of process safety management standards, risk-based process safety practices, human factors and process safety culture as a part of this diploma course.

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Level 7 International Diploma in Process Safety Management




18 Months


AED6000 / $1634




European Safety Council

Benefits of Level 7 International Diploma in PSM - UAE

The Ofqual UK regulates the Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma course. RQF - Regulated Qualifications Framework - encompasses all Ofqual UK-regulated qualifications. As a result, this International Diploma is a Level 7 qualification on RQF. The EQF - European Qualifications Framework, which incorporates both the RQF and the SCQF - Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework has eight levels, just like RQF. In European Nations, RQF Level 7 Qualification is valued as EQF Level 7 Qualification when both frameworks are compared.
Unfortunately, most of the candidates aren’t aware of this qualification and its benefits. This course will give you entry points into the oil and gas field and the salary of process safety engineers is $1,50,000 per year. Since only a very few qualified professionals are available to work in this field, they are getting paid a higher salary compared with other health and safety domains.

Level 7 Int'l Dip PSM

Redhat Safety is the only safety institute in the whole world, who is providing it.

Opportunities for Level 7 Int’l Dip in PSM - UAE

If you are working as a construction safety manager or industrial safety manager and you are struggling to enter the oil and gas field, this course will help you open the doors in the oil and gas industry. The level 7 int’l dip in PSM certified candidates will be able to serve as process safety engineers in the oil companies like Aramco, Adnoc, Qatar Petroleum, Reliance Petroleum, etc.

The Qualifi Level 7 Int’l Dip in PSM is the gateway to Grad IOSH as well as CMIOSH. As per IOSH's New Blueprint, RQF Level 7 is mandatory for CMIOSH - Continuing Professional Development (CPD). IOSH has stated it in the final draft. Please check the below link:

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Assessment Specifications of Level 7 International Diploma - UAE

As Qualifi Level 7 Int’l Dip OHSM, the Qualifi Level 7 international diploma in PSM also comprises four units and does not include an examination. Each lesson will contain a set of questions (about 20) and you will receive all of the units’ question papers in the induction email. The students must answer each unit's questions with a minimum of 300 words (for each question) and email the paper to the assessor. The students are expected to apply their work experience, undertake research and consult materials from a range of sources before writing their own answers to the questions and sending them to the assessor for approval.
The assessor will look over each unit's answers and provide feedback to the students. If the assessor is not satisfied with an answer, the learners will revise it and resubmit it for evaluation based on the assessor's input. Once the learner meets the assessment requirement, the assessor recognises the unit as successfully completed. Learners should not be concerned about rework because it is how they will progress during the course, receiving the assessor’s remarks and comments. After successfully completing all four units, the students will receive a final certificate.

Choose Level 7 Int’l Dip in PSM

This is the right option for you:

  • If you are someone who wishes to have the highest paying career in the health and safety sector
  • If you are someone who is unaware of “RQF level 7 qualifications” and their benefits.
  • If you are someone who is unaware of "process system" and their significance among process industries.
  • If you are someone who is planning to enter the oil and gas sector.

Enrol on Level 7 Int’l Dip in PSM course at Redhat Safety

Redhat Safety is the only accredited health and safety training institution for Qualifi Level 7 international diploma in process safety management. The most respected and highly relevant International Diploma qualification is envisioned to enhance both the academic and professional development of learners to make them realise their true potential and also make them highly regarded by the different process industries across the globe. You may please check the course advisors' status at: .

Level 7 Int'l Dip in PSM

Please Note

The candidates from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, etc., can enrol in this course. Since this is an online qualification, the learners are not required to attend the traditional classroom lessons; they are provided with the convenience to submit the assessment at any time and from anywhere in the world. You may please check the below link to know more about the course, at OfQual:
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